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Is there a way to get my GCC to stop screaming when she is in her cage?


My GCC Cosmo is usually a very well behaved bird and is quiet whenever we are hanging out or she's playing with her toys, but any time she is in her cage she screams and screams unless I either let her out or whisper at her very quietly.

The problem is that i live in an apartment and while none of my neighbors have complained, i want to be considerate. Her cage is right next to my desk, and i can't always focus on talking to her and doing my work, so if i have her put away so i can be productive, once she gets bored she'll scream until i notice her again. I've tried ignoring it when it's necessary for her to be in her cage, and she'll just keep going for hours. I've tried rewarding her when she's being quiet with treats and by taking her out to play for a little bit. I've tried using headphones but I think that makes it even worse because then I can't hear her unless she's being exceptionally loud. another thing is that I'm still working on getting rid of some of her nipping habits, so if i put her in time out for biting me she'll start screaming (what a little brat!)

I'm not sure how to teach her that screaming at me when I'm right next to her, especially if she's already done something wrong, will only bother me more and that she needs to be quiet if she wants to be let out. should i just try being more patient and more persistent with rewarding her when she is quiet? or should i try moving her cage? or something else? thanks!

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