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Re: Male and female budgie in same cage?(Also rainbow parakeet?)

Thank you both for your replies. No like I said before the color isn't an issue though it did catch my eye at first. The videos posted on him showing how playful he was with the breeder is what I loved!!!

Also I've had Caso since she was 2 months old and she is 5 months now so I think she is still fairly young. The little male is 3 months. I do have a spare cage that I will be using for quarantine for 2 weeks (though I doubt the bird is sick since it is from a very reputable breeder in my area) and then when the 2 weeks are up I want to slowly introduce them. I will defiantly have cage free times so i will see how the interactions are from there but I will not put them in the same cage together until I know that they get along and even then I wont be leaving them alone in the cage for some time.

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