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Re: Male and female budgie in same cage?(Also rainbow parakeet?)

Quote: Originally Posted by FlyingTorchy View Post
Thank you both for your replies. No like I said before the color isn't an issue though it did catch my eye at first. The videos posted on him showing how playful he was with the breeder is what I loved!!!

Also I've had Caso since she was 2 months old and she is 5 months now so I think she is still fairly young. The little male is 3 months. I do have a spare cage that I will be using for quarantine for 2 weeks (though I doubt the bird is sick since it is from a very reputable breeder in my area) and then when the 2 weeks are up I want to slowly introduce them. I will defiantly have cage free times so i will see how the interactions are from there but I will not put them in the same cage together until I know that they get along and even then I wont be leaving them alone in the cage for some time.
I have often introduced young birds to each other. When I first got budgies I gradually introduced 6 youngsters to each other over the course of a few months. They were all under a year, some were raised together, some weren't, but because they were so young they all ended up getting along well. There were 4 males and 2 females and they still live in my aviary with 15 other budgies! Budgies can be very amiable, and you just have to make sure that introductions are in a neutral environment, and just watch them very carefully and if they seem to be becoming friends then it is totally okay to house them together. Just make sure that the cage is really big, and initially you can keep them separately until you can determine if they are well suited to each other.
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