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Re: So you bought an unweaned baby...

So, frustrated. She acted like she didn't want formula last night or this morning. She took it after a while but let me tell was slow.

She eats like my dad. Tasting every little bit that goes over the tongue.

Last night she MAYBE ate 15 cc. She was clearly done...not interested...beak CLOSED and turned away. This morning she started eating after some coaxing. Again, not much but maybe 30 cc. It's hard to tell how much she really gets in her because by the time we are done she has formula down the front and sides of her and my clothes are splattered with it. I feed her until she shuts her mouth and turns away and crop is rounded.

This morning the cries are only one at a time. Earlier this week it was two cries at a time. I don't think she is getting weaker. She is still quite feisty and is running up and down my arm.

She eats about half of the veggies that I give her (I give her about a cup).

I know she wasn't fed at the bird store with a spoon but should I try that?
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