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Re: Is tap water ok?

Quote: Originally Posted by Carl_Power View Post
Clean tap water is fine. In the wild huge flocks ambush large trucks transporting bottled spring water because they just wont drink anything else

Quote: Originally Posted by Scott View Post
I used to use tap water but am more cautious after springing two leaks in house pipe system. Long story short, very hard water combined with chlorine thins the copper piping causing pinholes or worse. House was built with the thinnest-walled piping per code at the time. Faced with the choice of re-piping, I decided to contract an epoxy-lining service that has, thus far, worked well. But I am concerned microscopic bits might leach into water over time. That the coating is "food grade" is not comforting!

So, I have a series of 5-gallon BPA-free jugs with spouts that are re-filled from a nearby "water store." Used for birds and human consumption! Somebody tell me I'm paranoid!!
We're more paranoid. We filter our water before boiling it in a pot for 10 minutes, even though just boiling it would work! And we've never actually tasted our tap water that I know of, but I guess we just hate the taste of chlorine so much that we never drink it straight from the tap. And, on top of that, we also buy jugs of drinking water just in case our water freezes (yes, that happens). And yet, we aren't so paranoid that we don't water our chickens with it, so I don't know.

It's most likely ok, as they've told us it's potable. We just don't like the taste of straight tap water.

And as for hard water, we have that too. We replaced our 10 year old water heater, and it had literal rocks in it! I'm not joking, it had several feet rock crystal stuff in there (probably limestone) and it was very hard to get out of the house. It was very heavy. And we also had this orange iron stuff that coated the bath tub when we had a well, I don't know quite what that was.
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