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Re: Is tap water ok?

I've learned a lot more about tap water within the past two years. I can say that tap water varies a lot depending on not only where you live but the source of your water. My sister and I both live within walking distance of the same river, but live about 10 minutes away by car. I have "city water", which is sourced from said river and she has "well water", sourced from underground aquifers. My water is soft, since the water is mostly from rain and snow that goes into a big lake (~30 minutes away, along the same river, it's 'medium hard') where-as my sisters is the complete opposite - it's hard. It picks up all the minerals and such from the ground. Rust colored water? Yup, it's a thing...

Interesting fact - if you let the water sit for 24 or so hours, that chlorine (or chlorammine) smell should "off-gas" - better yet if you have a way to aerate the water!

Quote: Originally Posted by clark_conure View Post
also bear in mind some birds need to eat rocks (grit) to digest food like cockatiels...I don't think hard water is an issue.
Quote: Originally Posted by WiseOwl5 View Post
We have to feed our chickens this granite gravel stuff (with fairly big chunks). They also eat dirt when they're outside to get more grit, which is wierd since we always offer it. Do cockatiels actually eat rocks or just sand stuff like budgies?

*NO* parrot requires grit! But *all* parrots out in the wild may consume grit! (including nectar eaters - they might eat *some* although I don't know if this is documented or not)

I've had budgies, cockatiels, turquoisine, bourkes, conures, a lovebird, african ringneck.... never fed grit to any of them religiously, and some never received grit at all. Not necessary.

Quote: Originally Posted by Karlys View Post
My tap water is disgusting and, arguably, not fit for human consumption. It comes out of the tap at 700-800 ppm for its total dissolved solids. The EPA says 500 is the max that's tolerable. We bought a TDS meter after my freshwater shrimp kept dying after they'd molt and I was appalled. The fish seem to have adapted but I ended up deciding that shrimp keeping in this house just wasn't going to be possible. We only drink and give our pets bottled water now.

So, basically, it's entirely dependent on your local water quality. Chlorine can always be boiled away or you can use fish tank-grade dechlorinators but your TDS is, unfortunately, there to stay unless you have an RO/DI system.

The only reason I know as much as I do about tap water... is because of shrimp! I started out with the opposite issue though... water too soft! (have shrimp minerals now!)
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