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Re: Is tap water ok?

Quote: Originally Posted by Scott View Post
Wanna hear a horribly true story about contaminated water?? Back in the 1990s, an airliner pilot crew became very sick on the flight home from Bangkok, Thailand to San Francisco. Constantly in and out of the lavatory. Next day one of the pilots was violently sick, went to the doctor and had various tests to determine the offending organism. A few days later the doctor called and asked if he was close to dead bodies. Wut?? Turns out the crew had purchased beer from a street vendor. The cans and bottles were covered with ice, and they likely just shook off the chips and enjoyed. The problem was the beer vendor had scored the ice free, from a local morgue. They covered the bodies with ice during transport from the hospital, and were happy to give the ice away!
It sucks how much how much contamination happens like that in those places. While I'm glad we don't have stuff like that in Europe and here in North America, it's sad to think that it happens in other places. Nice story telling!
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