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Re: Is tap water ok?

Quote: Originally Posted by MonicaMc View Post
I've learned a lot more about tap water within the past two years. I can say that tap water varies a lot depending on not only where you live but the source of your water. My sister and I both live within walking distance of the same river, but live about 10 minutes away by car. I have "city water", which is sourced from said river and she has "well water", sourced from underground aquifers. My water is soft, since the water is mostly from rain and snow that goes into a big lake (~30 minutes away, along the same river, it's 'medium hard') where-as my sisters is the complete opposite - it's hard. It picks up all the minerals and such from the ground. Rust colored water? Yup, it's a thing...
We use to have well water, until our well collapsed. It was like 50 years old, so we knew it would happen sooner or later. Now that we haul water from a town water system, it's night and day difference! So much less minerals clogging stuff up (although it still does to some degree) and no more rust coating on the bathtub/sinks. Hopefully this new water heater doesn't get rock (calcium carbonate I think) buildup in the bottom like the last one...

Quote: Originally Posted by MonicaMc View Post
*NO* parrot requires grit! But *all* parrots out in the wild may consume grit! (including nectar eaters - they might eat *some* although I don't know if this is documented or not)

I've had budgies, cockatiels, turquoisine, bourkes, conures, a lovebird, african ringneck.... never fed grit to any of them religiously, and some never received grit at all. Not necessary.
Good to know! We've offered budgie sand stuff before, but they never touched it.
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