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Re: Travel cage

Quote: Originally Posted by MikeyTN View Post
I do however recommend a travel cage for a Macaw unless someone is sitting with the bird in the back seat. Don't bring it to the front seat. It can be dangerous!!!! When I brought my macaw with me without a cage to the vet clinic which is only 15min away. He freaked out cause he knows where he's going, the first time he behaved well, not the second time around....He started flopping and going berserk in the car almost causing me to wreck.... I no longer ride with him in the car alone....I go in the back seat with him....Or in the travel cage he goes....
As I was reading the other responses I was thinking of that exact situation. Mac would not understand the part of not getting on the steering wheel and grabbing my fingers. "OH, play time!!"

My wife thinks the cage should restrict movement so Mac can't get jostled around during turns, starts & stops. He travels well in the current cage and I feel he needs room to move around.
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