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Re: My Amazon Won't Bathe?

Our BFA is not very compliant with bathing. He too is terrified of spray bottles (no past trauma, just hates them) and if you take him anywhere near a sink he will hide in my hair or dangle from the neck of my t shirt to try to escape.

He hates showers and complains the entire time by barking at us (please don't ask me why he chose that to be his upset noise) but he will let me quickly shower him with the shower head. I let him hang out on the shower curtain and whistle with him while I take care of myself, then I adjust the water and shower him. As soon as he's done I turn off the water and his eyes start pinning and he gets all fluffy and compliments himself on being such a "good biiiirrrrrrd". And of course once he is clean and a safe distance from the shower he is in such a good mood, sings, cuddles more than usual. It's very strange to me...

Point is, sometimes they never really take to the bath-time thing. When we first got Mav we would put a big dog bowl of water on top of his cage (he has the cage-top play-den kind) whenever we would vacuum. As stated above, for whatever reason this tends to spark that clean instinct in them. He'd dunk his head in it and get his spiky hairdo and make a huge mess while somehow not really wetting his body or wings, but it worked until we bonded enough to get him to take a 'real' shower...

Patience...patience...patience... a week is not very long so don't be discouraged.

Congrats on your new companion!!
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