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Re: My Amazon Won't Bathe?

If he is afraid of the spray bottle, try the Magic Fountain way- wrap the spray bottle up in a towel so he cant see it, and shoot it into the air, so the water floats down onto him. Salty likes that most times. I put a permanent perch inmy shower, with maybe 5 bucks of PVC piping and some epoxy, put it into the corner. Salty tolerates showers like that and even sometimes likes it. He is from an semi arid area of S. America, so I am not suprised at his reluctance.

Other ways, get some cabage leaves, and soak them well, and put them on his cage top ( towelunder them so he doesnt soakhis cage). The leaves should be sopping wet - he might roll around them.

Keep experimenting, and revisit failed methods - what didn't work today may work in 3 months. Or not.
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