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Re: My Amazon Won't Bathe?

Quote: Originally Posted by SailBoat View Post
The vast majority of Humans haven't a clue how to mist a Parrot. Note that I did not say spray!

After the bottle has slowly found it way in your Parrots area. Start by misting up into the air above your Parrot. The goal is to allow the mist to rise in the air above your Parrot and then fall softy upon the top of your parrot.

Never, never mist directly at your Parrot and even more importantly, NEVER mist them in the face.

As your Parrot builds a comfort in being misted is fun and not a punishment, you will begin to see them get into it by lifting their Wings, spreading their Tail Feathers. Now is the time to mist those areas directly. Once a trust is built, showering is the next step.

NOTE: A thick, heavy glass pie dish is prefect for an Amazon. Like most things, it needs to find its way slowing into the Amazon's World. When comfortable with it around add water. Understand it can be weeks and months before your Amazon will ever show any interest in it. That said, when they do, expect everything around it to also get a bath.

Enjoy, Time Is On You Side! Stop Rushing!

Travel at the comfort speed of your Amazon!
Absolutely agree, a fine mist from above is the gateway to enjoying water! Also, Bingo is with you just one week or so. Still assessing his new home and people!
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