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Re: First Parrot

Hello and welcome!

Unfortunately you aren’t going to like the answer: none of them are appropriate at this time.

You seem to be a teenager. While you could - for the time being - provide a good home, life is going to happen to you very soon. Off to college very soon, where your probably living on campus, then in assorted apartments. Extra curricular activities, studying late nights at the library.

Then graduation and moving to a new job, where you are likely to have roommates in an apartment that possibly won’t allow any pets.

The list goes on. The short answer is that parrots - of any time, cockatiels to large macaws - are best suited for stable homes, better for after you’ve bought a home and aren’t leaving anytime soon, a time when you have a greater emotional intellect to properly coordinate FUTURE care of the bird. The average parrot will see 5-7 homes in its life, which is so tragic. Part of that is a lack of planning and thinking ahead. . Buying parrots for teenagers who will be leaving home soon.Parrots are unfortunately viewed as expendable, readily discarded at the slightest inconvenience. We don’t treat dogs like this. So sad given how emotionally and intellectually intelligent they are.

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