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Re: First Parrot

Agreed with those guys. You're too young for such a huge commitment. Getting a conure is like getting a 2 year old with a weapon on it's face that will scream it's head off if you don't spend enough time with it. In same cases the conure might only need 1or 2 hours of time a day but in most cases they won't be happy unless it's 5 to 10 hours a day out of cage and with you time. Personally I have 2 Conures and I love them with all my heart but they're a lot of work and my house is covered in tree stands and bird cages and various bird paraphernalia to help keep them happy and healthy with plenty to do. Don't get a bird unless you can put in 110% into it and at your age that's not possible for a sustainable timeframe. So I have 2 birds and one of them is the perfect bird and the other one has a ton of issues and is very taxing and frustrating on me mentally and emotionally. Sometimes birds are just like can get a perfect bird like my Ollie or a difficult bird like my Finley and if you get the later it will be very very hard to take care of as a teenager. Not to mention the vet costs. My difficult bird Finley has gone to the vet 5 times in the 4 months I've had him and the total cost for those visits have been around $1600...are you and your parents prepared for such an expense? Some of the vet visits were life or death so of I didn't take him he most likely would have died. Just food for thought. Sorry to put a damper on things.
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