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Re: First Parrot

Quote: Originally Posted by eickhorn View Post
I just got my Yellow Collard Macaw, last Sunday. I know the feeling of stepping into this field. I have massive data to learn myself and will not shy from it. My Rio is doing well, considering the previous owners abuse of her. Get your cage and toys , food first. Then make a decision on the type of bird. It takes a long time to learn about them. I spent 2 weeks researching and found little that was for my bird. Others here and elsewhere have filled in some of the blanks. Just got for it, you will love raising your bird.
Wow, just last Sunday? It's nice to have advice from someone who's has extremely recent experience! Any recommendations for me specifically? The only birds that are ever available for me to meet are conures, so i currently have no experience with Caiques, Cockatiels or Ringnecks.

Thanks again
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