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Re: First Parrot

Marrmarr, I don’t think you understand. Parrots have DIED as a result of this arrangement, have been horribly neglected as a result of this arrangement. Mine included. And the rate of rehoming is astronomical, and wholly unacceptable.

We have a obligation to be the best stewards we can be for these animals we’ve forced into our homes. An ounce of conservatism is absolutely warranted.

Know better, be better.

MGMork, 18 is square in the age range we’re concerned about, and right around where most of us assumed you are, given the age of your younger brother. Now really isn’t the time. Taking classes is one thing. But you’re still in your family’s house.

Yes many of us have had birds as kids. Doesn’t mean it was the smartest choice for our parents to make.

Can it be done? Yes. Should you? No. You have more improtant things to worry about. Birds are encumbering, it’s a fact. They restrict your oifestyle options. Now is not the time for this encumberence on your possibilities.
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