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Re: First Parrot

Hi Ellen,

Let me just say: this is exactly the response I was looking for. Thank you so much for taking the time to address each of my points, pointing out what I may have missed, and giving me REAL advice rather than just saying what everyone else has said (even though I do value what everyone has said.) I'll definitely make sure to double-check and prepare for everything you listed here, especially the issues regarding my dog. I hadn't thought about whether the bird itself would be comfortable living with another animal under the same roof, and I would never want to force either of them into conditions that, to them, are not ideal. The only reason I wrote it off as a non-issue is because we've had small animals in the house before, and he's never been an agressive dog... But I see what you mean, and I'm glad you pointed that out. I'll definitely consult the family on this one. Every member has agreed to this commitment (even though, yes, it will be my bird) and are, in fact, eager to interact with a lovely new addition to the family. I've been browsing multiple pet supply stores, planning for food, toys, and cages, and have budgeted appropriately. I even have money set aside for emergency situations. And I do realize that all of you here are just making sure that I don't rush into a commitment that I won't be able to handle, but that's exactly why I came here. I do believe I can take proper care of a parrot, and I'd really like the chance to do so. I have always been an animal lover, and would never want to do bad by any creature. I know life gets in the way, trust me, I do. But I know that people, such as everyone on this forum, has been and are willing to sacrifice their time to care for their own parrot, no matter the breed.

So again, thank you. I really, really appreciate your help!

If I can, I'd just like to ask one question: is a conure the right type to look into?
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