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Re: First Parrot

Quote: Originally Posted by MGMork View Post
If I can, I'd just like to ask one question: is a conure the right type to look into?
EllenD made some excellent points. If you really want a sun conure. I suggest you visit one or know someone with an adult sun and see if you and your family can handle the high pitch of their scream. Same goes from green cheeks, although they aren't quite as loud or high pitch... but' I have heard some come close to sun conure pitch only because it was trying to mimic the sun's call. So my advice would be take a family outing so everyone can experience the noise level since they will have to live with it too. Green cheeks, Pyrrhura species, is smaller than the sun, Aratinga. So there is a size factor. From my own personal experience, the green cheeks seem to be nippier than the suns but that can always be worked on and there are plenty of green cheeks owner on here to help you with that.
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