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Re: First Parrot

Quote: Originally Posted by marrmarr View Post
So I'm going to assume most of you are old, retired, and spend all day at home?
perhaps you guys need to get out and experience bird keeping by people who have been keeping birds way longer than any of us, through tradition.
yes birds are delicate, yes they require attention. But is it difficult? i'd vote no. just effort and love is all it takes.
you guys are scaring this guy out of creating a relationship of a lifetime.
My main concern with being 18, he/she will eventually move out. If it is truly his/her bird, the bird will go with them. Now most people will not have the money at this age to buy a home... so the only option is to rent. Condos/apartments may have rules against pets and a sun conure is definitely not an apartment bird, but it can work depending on the individual bird. I help out at the local exotic bird store a lot and what I inform parents with younger kids if they do end up getting a bird, choose a bird they would want because most likely when their child goes off to college it will end up being their bird. As Ellen stated, a lot of things can happen in life before one settles down and unfortunately those turn of events may or may not have room for the bird in the new chapter of their life.

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