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Re: First Parrot

Quote: Originally Posted by marrmarr View Post
So I'm going to assume most of you are old, retired, and spend all day at home?
perhaps you guys need to get out and experience bird keeping by people who have been keeping birds way longer than any of us, through tradition.
Want to talk about offensive? Clearly you don't know what happens when you assume.

As a new member, I suggest stepping back and getting to know the very kind members of this forum who give very generously to anyone asking for help, work hard to educate the larger public.

The people here are incredibly kindhearted people, some of whom have kept birds for decades, or work at parrot rescues. So "suggestions" such as yours are a bit of an affront.

You're entitled to your opinion about how people should keep their birds. However, if you're going to play in the sandbox, understand the sandbox you're playing in.

Quote: Originally Posted by marrmarr View Post
yes that makes sense. that's what my point was before I was attacked haha,.
Nobody attacked you. You made a flippant statement - offensive to many here - that could have potentially damaging consequences. which you do sound like you're walking back a bit. it needed to be pointed out and disagreed with. Believe it or not, we are good about disagreeing with out being disagreeable.

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