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Re: My new Parrotlet: Peru

Something that you need to keep in-mind here is that a bird that was not hand-raised/hand-fed or handled/interacted with as a baby, as your bird obviously was not, is not going to just suddenly become hand-tame. That's not how this works. After he's with you and in your house for a while, and in his new cage for a while, he'll most-likely become more comfortable being around you, but not handled by you...not automatically.

If you want him to be hand-tamed, then you'll have to commit to actually hand-taming him, which is going to require working with him for at least a hour a day, every day, and sometimes takes months or longer to achieve...It can certainly happen, I've hand-tamed many birds just like your parrotlet, but it took months and months of hand-taming training every day...

I suggest you go to the training/behavior forums and look at the hand-taming stickies, as they explain the process step-by-step and what you'll need to do every day with him in order to achieve the results you're looking to have..
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