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Re: Hohenheim's perch fell and so did he...

Almost all my perches are bolted in. You're best off splurging and investing in some perches like these, the rope perches are really great on their feet and my tiel loves his. I order them either through Chewy or Amazon and they always have good prices. Both the 14 inch and 21 inch on Chewy are around 5 dollars.

Here's my tiel's cage, you can make out most of his perches. It really does make it easier for them to get around if you have a variety of perches, usually in cages I like to try to overlap some so there is a way for my bird to get from the bottom and climb to the top. I think I have only one dowel perch in there but I'm sure it will get replaced within the year. All the others in his cage are either rope perches, pedicure perches (very sturdy and keep their nails from getting long), a swing, and a natural wood perch. It may be worth it to splurge for the safety of your little one. AND SOME MORE TOYS!
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