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Re: Ducorp's Cockatoo Fearful Behavior

Quote: Originally Posted by chris-md View Post
Hello fellow Marylander!

Youíre approach is going to be about 20% forced, 80% trained for now. Forced only in the sense that there will simply be times you need her to do something now and donít have time to work through it. It sounds like with her you have some leeway for minor coersion when needed. Itís not like sheís ripping your hand apart.

To use targeting, you simply target her in the direction of your hand. Eventually, target her onto the hand. More specifically, she will have to step onto your hand to touch the target.

Make sense?
Yeah that makes sense. The problem is, he does not want to leave the cage, and I have heard from many that you should not be sticking your hand in the cage, as it is their safe spot. However, I cannot get him to step up onto a perch outside of his cage. So should I just begin to target train to step up inside of his cage? What should I do if he begins to nudge me away? If I don't listen to him and respect his wishes I feel as though he will feel like I do not respect his boundaries, and am forcing him all over again.

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