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stability for parrots.

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Ive just been mooching about on other sections of the forum and its a common theme for birds having several homes, I find this is so sad I do realise that some peoples situation changes in life and in extreme cases birds need to be re-homed but still it must be so destabilising (correct spelling ) for the birds as well as the parronts

My GF, Kelly, has been with me for nearly a year now and we are about to move in together. Enzo has been with me a few weeks longer and im her third parront in her 14yrs. Kelly has been growing more and more fearful and jealous of Enzo, as Enzo is clearly jealous of her as Kelly takes so much of my time and affection. It recently came to a head where it was clear that Kelly didn't want me to keep Enzo and a massive row ensued and im 100% sure that Enzo realised she was the centre of it. Thankfully I think Kelly 'gets it' now and the two of them seem to be making more effort with each other.

I think once Kelly realised that if she made me take a choice, it would be Kelly that would lose out, she is the adult and she has the mental capacity and understanding to move on, Enzo doesn't. Id be heartbroken if I wasn't with Kelly, I really dont think Enzo would take being rehomed again though.

Other good news, Enzo gets a new cage today, A rainforest Santos II Dome top.
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