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Re: New England hazards?


So ive known chicken for close to 5 years, but have only taken her on as my own at home almost 2 months ago. I'm making the aviary out of an old car port tent frame. I'm bolting steel dog gates together as walls (something I aquired from a friend). The tree was topped at the aviary height so it fits inside, and it sprouted new branches with leaves, not really sure what kind of tree it is yet. I'm also going to build a deck platform using 24 so she can chew a bit, I can walk in and sweep it, and I can easily replace boards as it gets chewed. Of course there will be a metal barrier below that as well. I don't yet plan to make it anything but a day space right now. That could come later, but the facilities will include food, water, shade/rain shelter, toys, perches, fountain pool, and digging box. I want to leave her safely outside when I go to work during the day. Oh and the exits will be landlocked to keep all entities in and out.
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