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Baby parrotlet (2-3 months)

Quote: Originally Posted by itzjbean View Post
Hello and thanks for posting.

The parrotlets at that age 2-3 months and eating alone are what breeders call 'weaned'. It is common practice and much more responsible to get a baby when it is eating on its own so that you don't have to worry about keeping it warm or feeding it incorrectly.

Is your concern that getting a weaned bird won't like you as much because you aren't feeding it? This is not true, in fact I just got my new cockatiel almost 3 weeks ago and he was eating on his own, but we have a very close bond already! You don't need to worry about the bid not liking you, in fact when you do end up hand feeding a baby usually prefer to leave their parents (you) just as they do in the wild. So having a baby that young is not as beneficial as you may think. We have several breeders on the forum here who can tell you the same thing.

To answer your other question, yes it would not be good to get two parrotlets at once. They will likely only want to be with each other and be indifferent towards you. Getting one at a time ensures that you can bond with it one on one. But you can sure get another one in the future after you've had one for a while and have developed a bond with it.

Remember that all birds make noise, especially at dawn and dusk. Even the smallest birds make noise, so just keep that in mind that some noise is normal.

Thank you itzjbean! So then getting the bird at the age of 2-3 months he will still liking me the same or even more than if I have had him when he was like 3 weeks? And do they fly when they are 2-3 months? Iíve never thought about that lol. And are the weaned parrots hand fed or are they fed by their parents??
Okay then, just 1 parrotlet!!

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