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Re: Baby parrotlet (2-3 months)

Hi! My parrotlet, Bumble, came home with me when she was 7 weeks old, fully weaned and flying. How your baby reacts to you will depend a lot on how the breeder interacts with them. My breeder hand feeds AND TAMES her babies (with the help of her whole family), and weans them onto fresh foods, so I brought home a little princess who loves me and eats everything I give her and is smart , sassy, and happy. Some breeders just hand-feed them so they don’t have as much human interaction; those babies may take longer to bond with you.

A note of caution: parrotlets are tiny and cute but they have big giant attitudes, think they’re the size of a macaw (or maybe a Rottweiler!), and they can be very nippy. If you’re used to the sweet disposition of a cockatiel, parrotlets might be kind of a shock. Also rumor has it that if they aren’t handled for more than a few days, they will untame very quickly. I am not planning to find out out for myself; Bumble comes out to play every day. So make sure you know what you’re in for before you take the plunge!

The upside is they’re the cutest birds ever and they are relatively quiet-the can’t scream. They can put up a fuss but they’re good apartment birds.

Make sure to keep us posted!!

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