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Zenek and other our parrots

I am here a few months but I've never written about all my birdies
I have rosa Bourkes the longest. Their names are: Fela (F), Rozalka (F) and Jaś (M). They are very calm but unfortunately they are afraid our hands. Later I wanted a parrot which will be tamed. This way Zenek (a male yellow sided GCC) is with me. He likes playing with all things which he finds He sometimes has to take out something

A year after getting Zenek, we had a phone call with a question do we want a parrot, because he was caught outside and his owner wasn't found. This was the olive budgie. His name is Romek (M). He was with our Bourkes. These species have two different characters. Romek was very social but not Bourkes so we decided on a female budgie - Angela

From left to right: Fela (F), Jaś(M), Romek (M) and Angela(F)
Sorry for my English (I learn here )
Our current fids:
GCC: Zenek (M); vids:
Bourkes: Jaś (M), Fela (F), Rozalka (F); vids:
Budgies: Romek (M); Angela (F)

Rest in peace:
Budgies: Limonka (F; ~January 2015), Szafirek (M; ~December 2013)

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