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Re: Feather transplant

Quote: Originally Posted by charmedbyekkie View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by ScottB View Post
The vet is clearly progressive; not sure if the feather "bank" extends beyond his practice, but a really good outcome. Fergus flew for the first time today (twice in fact), he is still quite uncoordinated but is able to achieve a controlled descent now
I'm so, so, SO HAPPY to hear this! Surely it's going to be a confidence boost for him and make for a happier fid now. After all this time of struggling to make sure he has a good start to being a happy and healthy ekkie, how wonderful it must be to finally see him take flight!
Hi Charmedbyekkie,
Strange thing with all this has been that despite the clip and all the crash landings, it hasn't seemed to have affected Fergus in his attempts to fly; and that's probably why its been so hard, I've become so paranoid and watch him all the time for any sign that he's about to launch.
Yeah I was pretty stoked yesterday with him flying, and he has been constantly doing "ground checks" since the transplant, flapping his wings to get a feel for them...exciting stuff!
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