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Re: Kevin in Greytown 2.0

Quote: Originally Posted by AmyMyBlueFront View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by GaleriaGila View Post


To paraphrase Thomas Paine...

"These are the times that try roosters' souls..."

But we shall rally, and rise, and rejuvenate.
The Rickeybird pledges plenty of his most worthy societal contributions to Greytown... his naughty limericks, general thuggery, and rude remarks to hens of all avian and human cultures.
Theres never a dull moment in Greytown 2.0..LMAO!

Gotta love this thread!!

I wonder if HRFluffiness had a talon in this?? To erase no that's not it..whats the word I'm looking for here? To give Mayor Kevin a clean slate to work with...

As expected Kevin had to quickly dispatch Keith who is adept at handling and extinguishing unfounded rumors.

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