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Re: How long did it take for you to form a bond with your parrot?

bonding is odd, for my Green Cheek he wanted nothing to do with me for a while, then one day POOF the cuddle bug appeared. Nothing different happened in what I was doing, he just did it.

One a side-note it's not just birds issues bonding can happen. Every animal bonds at a different speed. For example, my mother's Westie hasn't bonded with me, couldn't care any less despite having known him for years, but my sister's new dog took all of 2 days and he listens to me more than my sister!

What I will say is try to remove your own expectations of how your IRN will be. Remember he's been hurt by humans over the years, all he knew was his cage and the tiny morsels of food he's been give. You'll no doubt find at some point he's been hit by someone or the cage has been hit, he's also probably had good periods with people for a day or 2 when being shown off but the next day it's back to the bad so he doesn't know whether he's coming or going. Hopefully this gives you a bit of insight into the demons he needs to work through to become trusting of people again, also remember unlike us who after that kind of abuse would have therapies and people to air their thoughts out to he has none of that and merely has to try and process that and the difference you are to him from the old family. He may never be fully trusting again, but in rescuing him it's less about making them become the super cuddly pets and it is about making sure they are kept safe and they are getting the stuff they need both physically and psychologically.

As for the other parrots I think he's calling merely because they make a noise he's aware of and can make, much like a dog barking at another barking dog or giving a passing hello to a neighbour. Never go down the route of "a parrot for my parrot" because it has many many ways to backfire. Only get another if you WANT one yourself and are prepared for the worst case scenario. He may well not understand how to interact with another parrot and could see biting and clawing and screaming at them as how he should act so I would leave any thoughts like that for now.

Just give him love, patience and hopefully given time (which can be years) he can learn to love you
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