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Re: How long did it take for you to form a bond with your parrot?

In the case of my quaker, a different species I know, but she is a rescue too. I discovered she has several triggers from past abuse, at first I thought she had only been neglected. I've discovered I can't cover her cage at all! Not at night not even just the back with rest open, this makes her angry, agressive, fearful, and she stops eating. I'm sure she was covered for long periods as punishment. As soon as she sees the water bottle I use to give spray baths to the other birds she hunches up and goes back into her cage to hide in a corner nit making a peep for hours. If I get a broom out to sweep near her she screams, lunges, and gets very upset. I had given her a very full bowl of food, but I'm working on converting her to pellets , so I put less in so I could better tell what she was eating. This caused her to freak and turn into a hoarder never leaving her food bowl and gaurding it. So I think she was forgotten, and left without food..... Now I always leave get with a bowl filled to the brim and she is fine. It's very sad to see she must have at least had her cage hit with a broom, been squirted with water as punishment, left covered for hours/days, and been left without food......when I first got her she was a huge loud screaming for hours. So probably why a terrible person did those things to her. She only screams about once a day now and only for a minute. Anyway what I'm saying is that your bird has gone through abuse as you know already. Observations about some other triggers, besides hands might help you move forward with gaining trust. There are some good books out there on parrot behavior, in regards to over coming fear and agression from past abuse. I know I read some tips to help overcoming fear of hands... I think there is still hope for you two to make more progress, abd it sounds like you are giving him a lovely life!! Think of him as having a post traumatic stress disorder, abd try to be aware of triggers. I feel for you both.
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