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Re: Kevin in Greytown 2.0

Parrot AP senior reporters and senior reporters from other news outlets where already at the front doors of Cape Parrot and Yellow-Nape Law Offices as the three senior partners arrived directly from the Airport. The doors where opened to allow the three to enter. Once inside the staff stated that the Media had been here since shortly after the organization’s King Air 250 had landed. Priscilla turned to the security manager and requested a review of airport staff, as apparently there is an issue.

James and Priscila requested that the staff let the Media currently outside be let in and to seat them in the large conference room after all it had been raining hard. The staff assure that each reporter had a seat and where served coffee.

Julio went directly into the computer room to inspect the server and the laptop.

James and Priscila quickly read over the situation report that their staff had prepared. Priscila look-up moments after being provided the report and asked: Mrs. Black is here!?!? Where!?!? She slept in the conference room when she arrived Wednesday night. With the exception of the night staff offices all other doors had been locked. And now, Priscilla asked? She is the small empty junior members office. She has been here all Weekend? Yes, she has. Please tell Julio that now!

Priscilla went in and asked Mrs. Black how she was and what they could do to help her. Mrs. Black thanked her and made a small request. Priscilla turned to her staff person and asked that Mrs. Black be taken to her office suite and allow to use her bathroom. She also stated: But keep her out of the rest of the suite. When she comes out provide her only this part of the situation report, and ask if she will be willing to join us in the conference room with the Media.

James and Priscilla spoke quickly and entered the conference room.

James spoke first, stating: Members of the Press, under what reason are the senior members of the Media at our offices, so very early on this rainy morning, surely the mid-quarter meeting of Yellow-Nape Law International had not generated such interests?

The senior member of the Parrot AP stood and asked James and Priscilla what knowledge they had regarding the events at the national archives, at Raven Manner and the other Residential Towers in Greytown?

James’ responded with: Clearly the only official information we have was of that reported by the Media and the same news releases from City Officials each of your organizations have received. That said, our staff had contacted all of our client base to assure that all their private information was safe. Separately, as well as our staff that resided in Green Towers and several other Towers around the City had not been harmed in anyway. James than turn to Priscilla.

Priscilla was pleased with the tack of the senior media members as not one shouted-out a question. She started by saying that the staff and families of Cape Parrot and Yellow-Nape Law Offices extend our deepest empathy for those who lost loved ones and of those injured recently. In addition, our deep-felt empathy for those individuals that lost family members. In addition, our Client base is heart-broken regarding both events.

As for what we at this Law Office know of the events at Raven Manner is as follows. A large number of Greytown residents had taken advantage of the Universities’ Soccer Games being simulcast on the cable groups that serve this area. From the security systems at Green Towers and comments from other Towers, a Citywide party was underway. This resulted in extremely limited knowledge regarding the events that occurred a Raven Haven. What limited information we gathered, we have turned over to the Authorities’. In return, they have asked that due to the on-going investigation that information not be further distributed. We have been asked to say that City Management and its employees are just as saddened by the events and that our Mayor asked for kindness and consideration of those families directly and indirectly effected as they morn their loss and care for their injured family members.

Another reporter asked if copies of the release(s) from City Hall to this Law Office be made available to the Press? James stated that was certainly possible. He turned to his staff Parrot who commented that it would be later this day and asked if the reporters would provide her with their contact information.

Priscilla turned to the door before anyone had a chance to ask another question. As she asked someone just beyond the door to join them. A hushed gasp occurred as Mrs. Black entered the room. And stood between James and Priscila.

As Mrs. Black stood before the senior media members, she first thanked the staff and especially James and Priscilla for allowing her a place to stay since her office and suite at Raven Manor had been ransacked during the events at the Manor. She was visibly shaking as she spoke. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press, I wish that I had more to add to the comments provided by James and Priscilla, as I had been at an off-site meeting with members of the City Planning Offices as the horrid events at Raven Manor occurred. Sadly, I do not have knowledge beyond those family members that have approached me as to who had been injured and died at the Manor. With tears in her eyes, she continued; I wish to Thank our beloved Mayor for his call to me here, this morning. His heartfelt statement is comforting to me and to the family members I have since past along his kind words too. She was cleanly breaking down as James and Priscilla braced her and lead her to the conference room door. At the door two members of the office staff took over and lead her further into the office suites.

James returned to the front of the table and stated; Clearly the events here, the national archives, and at the Manor has taken their toll on our organizations and separately Mrs. Black and the residents at Raven Manor. Mrs. Black did ask if the Media could get the word out that there are at least 30 families at the Manor of who’s suites are closed as part of the investigation and likely more looking for places to stay while they regather their lives. At which point, James provide a list of the Law Offices in Greytown who have volunteer to help connect the family members.

The senior Parrot AP reporter asked if James was aware of any further scheduled News Conferences today or in the coming days. To which, James stated he was not aware of any as it will take time to determine the status of the national archives and at our office, and that City Hall or the Police Headquarters would likely be the best sources for information regarding both events and Raven Manner.

While the media was leaving, the senior reporter noted that Priscilla was standing next to an office of what was clearly a junior members office and speaking to someone in that office. He slowed as the others left and move over alongside Priscilla. Priscila without losing a beat turned and stated: And, why would I not be surprised to see your shadow in one of my doorways? ……

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