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Re: Kevin in Greytown 2.0

James reviewed the news release they received and the one that the Parrot AP reporter provided and noted several minor differences including the fax machine time stamps. The copy the Parrot AP reported provided was earlier and more detailed than the one his group had received. Just as James was about to comment, Julio appeared and asked to see both James and Priscilla in the computer room. James turned and stated he would be right back. With the papers in hand he met Priscilla at the door and closed it behind them.

Priscilla knew Julio well and the expression on his face spoke volumes. She asked him how bad is it? Julio started slowly with; Our server is surprisingly healthy, our Firewalls held, but there are clear signs that we had been used as the attacker on the national archives and that someone in our building launched the attack. In addition, I have very strong evidence of how, when and who.

James stated to break in, but Priscilla told him; not now, and turned back to Julio and asked what he had that was so strong. Julio smiled and stated: remember that security system upgrade that our security manager stated we didn’t need. Well, thank-you for believing me as its abilities to track voice and data activity by devise provided a clear path to the who and when it all occurred and just how it was launched. Priscilla ask, well who? Julio stated: Mrs. Black! But what about the laptop James broke in. A set-up, the coffee was set on a packet of papers that once the laptop was moved, the cup would spill. James broke in again; but our clients data is safe correct. That is 100% correct Julio came back.

Priscilla, wanting to keep things moving quickly forward and told James to give the reporter his release back. At that point, she told Julio to call his contact at the Police Department and update him on what he had found, short the methods of determining how he closed the loop. She turned to James and stated: Lets go see our reporter friend. She then turned to her Parrot assistant and told her to keep Mrs. Black busy after all, her make-up is quite the mess…

James was a bit shocked by how little time has pass and that he and Priscilla had moved across the room to the Parrot AP reporter. A moment later he heard Priscilla ask the reporter if he would like to join them for a drink and lunch, and that she would drive as the door closed behind them.

Julio turned to make his call, thinking that Priscilla had already developed a plan and that his part was to close the cage on Mrs. Black and quickly. He heard his friend’s voice and stated; I need you to move quickly on this, like now…

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