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Re: A little progress in the harness training department...

wrench;; Thank you so much ! No, I don't have a verbal cue for on/off, it didn't occur to me. "Harness" is pretty much my word for stick your head through this small hole. Ordinarily I let her out of the harness when she feels uncomfortable. Now that she's gained comfort, however, I think it is a good idea to add an "off" command so she has a better sense of what I want.

Thank you for their suggestions, I'll have to play around with them Christmas? Well that WOULD be a good Christmas gift for this year (better than last year's anyways, which was a seizure and a trip to the vet's).

Skitty's Dad;
I hope Skitty's progress is a little faster than Kermit's ! 2 years is a lot of waiting. But I'm also not very consistent, which is probably why my timeline is so long. It was a learning curve for both of us.

I use safflower seeds right now and sunflower seeds for an end of training reward or if she makes a good training leap. Safflower seeds are a good size that she can finish them fast enough and overall not too bad considering other unhealthy options. I was training with fresh blueberries for a while, but she would take too long to munch on it for me to really get good progress. Now that I'm asking her to hold with the harness on, though, I might reintroduce them.

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