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Re: How cold is too cold?

(You can also ask, HOW HOT IS TOO HOT. )

If you want actual numbers, it's not going to happen and if someone gives you that, they're probably just making it up to satisfy you or trying to be the smartest one in the room.

Too many things influence HOW temperature is felt. What's coat-weather to one is shorts-weather to another! 2 examples, in Central America, people were putting on sweaters and freezing at 85F while I was in burning up in shorts. In ND, we were pulling off clothes at 14F wondering why it was so hot, while my mother 3 states down was wearing a coat at 60F.

I'm not as quite as kind as ChristaNL even. (I did the math!) My people taught me only a 15F wind chill difference at most.

I've never been successful with flightsuits but am willing to concede that I'm the problem.

Environment plays a big roll. If a bird lives in colder climates, it can take lower temperatures. If the bird experiences temperatures dropping slowly over time as compared to one time 75F and the next 40F, it's able to take lower temperatures. For example, mine were Southern birds suddenly in snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures. Not gonna happen. My fids stayed inside with the furnace turned up. When they had to go out, they were totally wrapped and placed in my coat.

A bird will physically let you know if it's cold. Watch it!

So, in closing, consider what your bird is used to, watch your bird's body language, and keep it to a maximum indoor-outdoor temperature change of 15F.
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