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Re: How cold is too cold?

I have always based this question/answer on multiple components:
A) the swiftness of the change (fast=worse)
B) the feather quality of the bird (shabby=worse for the cold)
C)the native habitat of the bird's most recent relatives (wild)
D) the excess fat on the bird

Some birds are just better designed to handle certain temperatures---a penguin is not a robin, nor is a robin a cockatoo.

Gradual is key, but temperatures too high or low can hurt birds. In the wild, many birds would migrate due to weather changes and although this is often linked to food supply, temperature does make a difference..for instance, hummingbirds go into a sort of paralysis when temperatures drop (and those temperatures are not very cold compared to what other birds could handle). That having been said, some birds handle the cold much better...and the same could be said for the heat...
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