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Re: rescue Blue updates:blue come home with me now!

Quote: Originally Posted by alsonlupin View Post
hi guys, i finally got blue home with me! yeah!

the lady said i treat Blue "too good" which makes her the bad guy. She felt uncomfortable for my behavior and one day, she took blue home with her. after 2 weeks, she called me whether i can take blue home for a while. then the coffee shop manager told me that since Blue go home with the lady, blue screamed too much and made a lot of sounds everyday. she can't stand for blue's nonstop screaming and she can barely sleep in the night. she has many cats and dogs and turtles in her house. Blue yelled at 3 in the morning everyday, which makes the dogs bark as well. her neighbours complained about the noise issue to the police and she can't keep blue in her house recently. so she asked me whether i can keep blue for a while. maybe even longer. yes, sure! of course! I'm so happy!

this is the first day i saw blue.

this is the picture before the lady took blue home. the feather looked much better then.

this is the day the lady took blue back from her house. see the feather gone bad again. and this is the day i took blue home with me.

i prepare vegs and fruits and eggs everyday for blue. eggs are his favourite. he has many toys in the cage. i open the cage and he can go around and play when i get home after work. I don't know how long i can keep him in my house, but seems he is happy now. he still screams, but not so much. in the morning and afternoon for a while. he is very sensitive and insecure, and after i come home, i have to be in his sight. if he can't see me, he will scream. please help me and tell me how to deal with that.

love y'all

So happy to hear blue is with you. I have 2 rescue cockatoos in our flock and from what it sounds like, poor blue wasn't getting the love and attention a cockatoo desperately needs. They cant spend (or any bird for that matter) the majority of their time in a house/cage. Our flock spends 98%+ of their lives outside of their houses living freely amongst us. Cockatoos are loud (especially our moluccan), but what you described from that lady...thats not normal. Poor angel sounded deeply deprived [emoji852] i hope in the end Sweet Blue gets to stay with You[emoji847][emoji178][emoji106]

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