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Wink Hello!


You can call me Onion, and I'm still a relative newbie at parronting. I adopted my first parrot, my beloved Sun Conure named 'Chicken' from a rescue called PAEP, some ~3 years ago.

Sadly, Chicken passed away just this last August. He was an older bird with, as I am coming to learn, some health issues that may have been the cause of his sudden passing. Cues I wish I had known about but had always considered normal for him, as he was my first bird, and his vet checkup was all golden.

I now have another new buddy to call family; a four year old Green Cheek named Bongo, adopted on October 8th - so very new to the home, yet!

I am also owned by one tiny wingless dragon, a Leopard Gecko named Bingo, also an adoptee. She's been with me for some ~10 years now.

Myself, I'm an animal lover and an artist. I love digital painting and copic marker ink-work, and have a long-standing hobby of penpalling across the world that I've combined with a passion for calligraphy. I also volunteer at PAEP on most Sundays, and get to go enjoy cleaning cages and getting squawked at.

I travel somewhat frequently, as I've grown up as a historical reenactor for Rendezvous - late 1700's to early 1800's Fur Trade Era reenactment in North America. Chicken was a fond lover of travel, and frequently attended events with me.

So, hello! A long-winded introduction, I like to chatter just as much as my birds do ;P

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