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Re: rescue Blue updates:blue come home with me now!

VERY glad to hear a positive update on this bird. Congratulations on your beautiful new friend! Blue looks so sweet and like he needs so much love.

Cockatoos are indeed much more attention-needy than most parrots and are undoubtedly a noisy bunch. It will be extremely important you teach Blue independent play and self rewarding behavior (i.e. foraging). Cockatoos are very destructive and intelligent, so he will require a constant rotation of toys to rip up and ones that make him think. Foraging is basically toys where the bird must solve some kind of puzzle to retrieve a treat. It teaches them there is a reward in entertaining themselves, making them less dependent on you (though cockatoos will still need hours a day of your attention). Can be as simple as wrapping some nuts in tissue paper and stuffing them in an empty TP tube or there are acrylic complex puzzles with levers and twisty things the bird must figure out to get the treat. Also remember, Blue apparently spent much of his time outside seeing tons of people every day. It's got to be a little sad for him to move into a quiet home environment as a creature that thrives on social interaction and who views humans as who he socializes with. I would strongly suggest you get Blue harness trained ASAP to ensure he can continue coming out as often as possible and interacting with as many people as possible. By interacting I mean being in exciting public places and receiving attention from people but don't let strangers hold him. All it takes is one little nip from a bird that size to a stranger and you have a massive issue. Frequent outings makes a lot of parrots overall happier, more well adjusted birds and less vocal/agitated at home. All parrots, but especially cockatoos, are highly social animals and highly mobile animals by nature.

Oh and perhaps invest in a good pair of noise cancelling headphones, thats a essential item for all cockatoo owners

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