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Re: a new wrinkel with Bingo

Wow, this would be a huge issue in my house, as I live in central PA, it's freezing here already, and I live in sweats and track pants and hoodies...Kane would be living inside his cage until he got over that little issue, lol, because I NEED my sweats and my hoodies....NEED them!

***So are you saying that this just started with the sweatpants and sweatshirts this year, and last year they were okay with him? And they are the same sweats that you wore last year around him and he was fine? If so, then that is odd...I know this will sound ridiculous, but since the last time you wore the sweats and he was okay with them until now, has anything happened with him and the sweats that might have made him angry about them? Like, has anyone tried to pick him up using sweats like a towel? (just an example of something that might set him off against sweats)...Has he had any negative interactions with anyone who was wearing sweats?

Usually there is a reason, such as already mentioned with the colors, or a picture on the sweatshirt, or something happened to them that involved someone who was wearing sweats, or someone threw a sweatshirt at them, etc.
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