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Re: Obesity

Quote: Originally Posted by itzjbean View Post
What's his current diet, what do you feed him now? Did you get this diagnosis from a vet?

A good quality pellet with a diverse array of mainly vegetables would be best for him to stay healthy. Fruits should be given sparingly since they have lots of sugar. No table food, no seeds, low fat nuts.

Yes she did. She told me he is just starting so that we can stop it and that it might be because in the store he was just eating seeds (sunflower seeds mostly).

He eats a veggie and fruit chop in the morning, and then he has pellets available during the whole day and some seeds, because as you know he doesnt completely eat pellets yet.

So well he eats that, and sunflower seeds as treat.

How much food should I give him? I have always had this doubt and no one have ever answered me.. hes a blue fronted. So Id like to know how many times a day and how much food should I give him.. I give him like 2 table spoons of chop (half of his bowl) the morning and then I just leave pellets available the whole day.

Hes weighting 330gr.
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