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Re: Hello all! New Amazon caretaker

Quote: Originally Posted by alancole View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by Kalel View Post
Hello and welcome! Thanks for the nice intro. I am sure you will love it here as we have lots of people who know their stuff

I agree with you about the clipping thing! Clipping a birds wings while it's developing for our own convenience is something I can't agree with. Here's a more convenient idea...don't breed birds! Also, I don't like the fact that Captain Jack doesn't appear to be abundance weaned. Not sure how comfortable you are with weaning him yourself, but I would have likely went back and told them to keep him until he weans himself off formula rather than force weaning. That's my two cents. Welcome, and keep us updated! I have a soft spot for Panama amazons
I thought about sending him back, but I'm comfortable providing him formula myself and I won't "force" him to wean ... I will continue to provide formula until he is eating solid foods and refuses the formula. I would rather feed him the formula myself then send him back and chance having them do something else crazy (like when the clipped his wings).
Actually, as soon as I sent my message I thought " we want that particular person who clipped a baby bird's wings to be in charge of PROPERLY weaning him?" So, I agree with you and I think the bird truly is better off in your hands provided you are comfortable and it sounds like you are Like I said, I look forward about learning more about Captain Jack so please keep us updated as he grows
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