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Re: Should Sherman get new roommates?

Quote: Originally Posted by buurd View Post
Is Sherman named for the tank? Or the man the tank was named after?
She came that name. It fit, so I kept it! Actually, most every bird comes with a name and very bad eating habits! HAHA

Only three times in decades have I changed names and one is happening now over months. My BCC. Her name was Miss Bird and I'd started calling her Little Missy. I really thought both were hard, so ran a name my bird chat. She's now Duchess Aurora, Duchess of Dawn. I started calling her Duchess Bird. A few days ago, I started to just call her Duchess, which she seems to answer to.

My daughter asked if SHERMAN was a GEORGE-thing. A bird got the name George then started laying eggs!

That's the name Sherman responds to, so Sherman it stays! It doesn't hurt that she's big for a WCP and overweight! (Thus the pic words) She's built like a tank!!! And knows how to fire one off!
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