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Re: Eclectus or B&G?

Quote: Originally Posted by stxrdust
I want an endearing, funny, playful, smart, loving, and affectionate bird.

Well... you've just perfectly described Conure's personality. Probably other species, too.

Regarding your original question.. You're 17, and your whole life is ahead of you. There will be zig-zags, pivots and other situations which you can't even imagine now. What I mean is, you're still years before your life schedule will even attempt to settle. So I'm just not sure if it's the right time for such a big commitment. A huge B&G is not easy to handle if you need to move out, or change the place you live. An Ekkie, although smaller than a macaw, is also by no means "portable".

I'd say, get a GCC if you need a bird companion. You'll get endearing, funny, playful, smart, loving, and affectionate bird that will be easier to handle than the bigger species. And later down the road, you'll be able to add your dream big bird.
But that's just my opinion. I'm sure others, more experienced people will kick-in.
In the meanwhile.... read, read, read. Similar questions have been posted many times before.
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