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Re: Eclectus or B&G?

With your long term goal of becoming a DVM with a resting stop between now and then as a VT. Your life work experience is going to bring you in contact with a cross-section of possible pets, depending on the Vet Clinic(s) you are /will be working. Dog and Cat specialists are the most common with exotics and Avian's being rare unless you are in or near a larger City.

Check your on-line Vet Tech school to see if they offer courses in Avian care and take everything they offer. If not, ask for recommendations for others that do offer Avian specific courses. That assumes your wanting to be a CAV in addition to your DVM goal in life. You should be searching and visiting your local Vet Clinics looking for work. Better to start at the bottom and working up to a VT as your educational knowledge expands. Just showing up with your degree will likely get you a bit further, but a known individual will likely get the job.

The correct Parrot: As stated so very well above, your choices are very different. Your looking at a B&G implies that you are likely looking at a female Eclectus based on coloration. I would recommend that you visit both of their separate Forums and get a flavor for the differences and very specific diet requirements between these two Parrots.

Study time for a DVM at the college, plus classroom and lab time will draw deep into your available time. Parrots and limited time is never a good combination and your life is about to take a very wild ride.

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