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Re: Eclectus or B&G?

I recommend a quaker, usually very good and prolific talkers, can be loud not loud like you neighbors will hear them but loud enough to compete with tv or conversation. They are very smart and social, they are a complex social Parrots in the wild, community building and living. They live for thirty years though, so if I day you don't have time for them they will suffer emotionally and pull out their feathers and mutilate their Bodies, and turn into screaming sad birds. Though that last bit applies to nearly all parrots. They still need a large cage and are very active very much into playing with toys. So positive social, talker, active, confident. Neg can talk or squak at a loud volume for eight hours straight..( not all of course) can not be left alone for hours in a cage will pluck and mutilate themselves if that's the case., Need a cage that is at least 34 inches long, 20 inches deep and fifty something high, need a lot if toys to chew destroy and play with.( Same as most parrots) live a long time and required the same time commitment during all thirty years if life, even when you have kids if your own
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