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Re: New Lovebird owner

Quote: Originally Posted by ChristaNL View Post
Hi and welcome,

so...your bird is already in a nest?
That will earn you some points of critique here (don't worrie, we mean well) :

So you are saying NO COCONUT SHELL? I'm confused. I really wasn't thinking of it as a nest, just a toy. So SHE thinks of it as a nest?
Please confirm, because she REALLY likes it, and isn't it good for her to have a place to go to get away from it all? That's what I thought anyway.
She does think it is a nest when I got Isla the lady who was rehoming her also had a coconut in her cage and she LOVED it. I took it out as soon as she came out of it. As for handtaming, you can't push her or it'll just break the slight bond you were forming every time. You have to go her speed. As for Isla, her past owner's grandchildren on the daily stuck their hands in trying to grab her so it's been a challenge. Do as much research as you can, it may take a LONG time to tame her it just depends on the bird. It's been 2 months and last week marked the first time Isla ate out of my hand. Make sure you have her out for at least 3 hours a day, since I do school at home I have her out most of the day and just watch her do her thing. She has several toys on the ground she plays with and she entertains herself super well. Is your lovebird clipped? Or do you plan to clip her? It breaks my heart every time I see Isla try to fly for something and she tries and falls, or she just gives up. I wish she wasn't clipped so bad but the feathers are finally growing back (yay!) but if yours already is that's a good time for bonding, (or you can keep her clipped it's your choice not trying to start up one of these arguments). Keep trying to feed her through the bars and eventually work on her eating from your hand and stepping up. If she is clipped once she steps up onto you try to do some flight training with her so her wing muscles stay strong and once her feathers grow back she can fly with confidence.

Don't know if you said this already but what are you currently feeding her? Seeds and seed mixes are a no-no, too fatty and if it is a seed mix they'll just pick out the seeds and leave everything out. Pellets and fruits and veggies should be their diet with how small they are maybe one seed a day for treats for training. They LOVE nutriberries as other birds do. To switch Isla from the seed mix she was on I did a layer of her seed mix at the bottom, then nutriberries, then the pellets on top and I slowly made the seed mix less and less and she eats the pellets perfectly. Still trying to find veggies and fruits she'll eat. So far a lot more fruits than veggies (sadly). But we'll get there! But try to introduce your lovebird to fruits and vegetables! Hopefully, this post helped you a little and someone can correct me if I got anything wrong.

I hope you know we all expect pictures of her!
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