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Re: Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to present....

Quote: Originally Posted by Laurasea View Post
Like a Pixie princess! Does eucalyptus bloom all year? How do you feed these little ones??? Are they ever in the US?
The Crown Princess is currently sitting in the sun preening herself after a quick bath (and basking in all your generous flattery everyone! She knows exactly how pretty she is!) I sneaked over to our local primary school with my trusty secateurs to raid some eucalypt flowers for her this morning - I think they’re actually more beneficial for enrichment than actual food cos she has usually eaten any nectar within the first half hour but she continues to go back and rummage through them on & off all day. For food she gets a commercially prepared dry nectar powder plus fruit and leafy greens, and at least once a day I give her a wet version of the nectar mix but it can only be left out for a couple of hours before it goes off and whatever is left has to be thrown out. That along with the liquid poop that follows is I think what puts a lot of people off owning lorikeets. With tiny little lories like Lilly however, the poop isn’t so much of an issue

Purple crowns are not so easy to find here so I don’t know how you’d go in the USA. They do breed fairly readily though. Years ago we heard an anecdote from a local guy who wanted to start breeding them and bought a pair but he was worried about how long it might take them to breed, getting just the right conditions for them etc. He said he needn’t have worried cos the pair were at it in his car on the drive home, randy little sods!

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