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Re: Need some advice on Kermitís training

Some suggestions:

Have a set time every day for training, and sessions no longer then 15 20 min

Train everyday religiously

Wait til he has one trick down cold before moving on

Use both verbal AND hand signals for each trick

Allow him to blow off training once in awhile ( every couplemonths) - same for you !

Harness training - I found the hardest part is getting the bird to accept the head loop with out freaking out or constantly hewing on it. I open it up at the edge of a table, putone threat on th table in frony og the loop, and another treat 'tweeen my other fingers just inside the loop. when the bird goes to get the second treat, slip the loop over his head, and tret again immediately & lots of praise. Let him getuse to wearing just the loop and the weight of he harness for a few weeks. then you can upon up the wing loops and slip them underthe wings. Some birds take to harnesses like they been doing it their whole life, and some ,like Salty, it took almost a year of training every night
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